Champion manufacturer in the magic world
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It was chosen from YouTube.
 Photography by Griffith Observatory.
 There is no edit at all and I'm acting.
 Record is 2106/1/10. 
   A magic show at a Japanese Italian restaurant.
 When it's returning home in Japan.
  I'm being a regular and am appearing.
 You're enjoying yourself while drinking a cocktail. 
   Acting by a convention in Mexico City.
 It was performed in front of 300 people.
 A language is acting in English. 
     Acting by a Japanese magic club in Chiba-ken.
 Lecture and goods sale are also performed.
 A ninja ring is wonderful popularity. 
   The magic contrived newly is being introduced.
 At the end of acting,
 you can make a partner make sure of everything.
 A front and back on a card change perfectly. 
   The work which became a big hit in the world.
 The work contrived 20 years before now.
 A magician of the world is performing.
   This work is also a contrived popular work.
 The color of everything changes.
 A card with a device isn't used at all. 
   A magic show in Bar in magic Castle.
 The popularity here is enormous.
 An appearance of 4 times a year is being done.