Champion manufacturer in the magic world
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2016/promotion Video
   They're a magic palace and a magic Castle regular member.
 Regular performer.
 You're enjoying by a nickname of Charlie at magic Castle.
 A characteristic showmanship and a show of the boy friend who always causes new miracle?
 Serious popularity is being always called at magic Castle.
 73 worlds, others creates magic beyond 3000.
 A still new work also keeps being born now.
 "Ninja Ring" is also a legend in the magic world in all over the world in particular at the inside.
 Or, a membership in magic Castle is decided.
 A judge of an audition is making an effort, too.
 It's also famous for the world as Mentor.
 It's a name in the world, I'm also a leader of many enough famous magicians.
 The magicians to whom he told are playing an active part all over the world current as of now.