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 About Masahiro Yanagida
l was born in Tokyo in June, 1955 for Masahiro Yanagida.
Masahiro indicated the ability from the young time, and contrived many magic tricks.

Masahiro's ability also had many influence on the Japanese television world.
Many TV programs were produced in Japan including NHK.
It isn't only magic, using magic, much surprise was produced.
And a magic trick beyond 3500 was contrived.
A ninja ring of a masterpiece also becomes a big hit in the world.

There is for Masahiro's pupil< a lot of worldwide magicians.
Shoot Ogawa is also spangled with the inside in 4 times of Academy Award.
Miracle sees Masahiro's magic show beyond a wonder.
The popularity is enormous.

Cast to the Magic Castle.
Close-up gallery.
Bar Magic.
special event.
Four times a year of appearances.

We have dispatched a magician in Japan.
Big convention, has been produced in Japan.
We have held a Lecturetour in the world.
Japanese culture, we are introduced to the world.

An international organization of magic, it is operating.
Of once a year, we are making an international tournament.
Convention of overseas also, we have production.