Champion manufacturer in the magic world
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  New product in 2016 has been two types released.
One, New Zene configuration.
Another is a hybrid
Both are gold, it has been plated.
Processing of the gimmick is the elaborate unprecedented in the world.
Plating of the hybrid is a special plating, is strong in corrosion.
All made in Japan, to ensure the highest quality. 

Genuine, and Yanagida, only Amawa will not sell.
Distributor, is being recruited.
To fake, please be careful.
   From invented, it has passed 30 years.
The best procedure is, you have all been introduced.
Disciples, of Shoot Ogawa, English commentary, has been recorded.
The big hit was the procedure in the world, it is fully covered.
DVD that is better than this, does not exist.

Copy product, is outside the scope of support.
The latest procedure also is in the works.
Ply Viet lesson, it is invitation.
Ninja ring, we will teach thoroughly.
Of course other magic also, I will thoroughly commentary.
The applicant, there is also a monthly discount.
Come once, try to experience.

The Magic Castle candidates, there is a special discount.
In MAIL, please ask.